Professor Petro P. Gorbyk


Professor Petro P. Gorbyk



Doctor of Sciences (Phys.&Math.),  Professor,

Head of Department of Nanomaterials

Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine




Phone: + 38 (044) 424 1235

Fax: + 38 (044) 424 3567

17 General Naumov Str., Kyiv, 03164, Ukraine



Physics, chemistry and technology of surface; nanotechnologies, physics and chemistry of solid



  • Member of the Academy of Technologic Sciences of Ukraine
  • Member of material science section of the Committee of the State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology
  • Member of the Scientific Council of Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
  • Member of Scientific Council of NAS of Ukraine on problem “Chemistry and Technology of Surface Modification”
  • Member of the Specialized Councils D26.210.01 (ISC) and D26.168.01 (Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics NASU)
  • Head of the Specialized Council 26.210.02 (ISC)
  • Member of the sections “Nanostructured and amorphous materials” and “Physics of surface phenomena and thin films” of Interdepartmental Scientific Council “Physics of Metallic State” at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine



  • Chemistry, Physics and Technology of Surface
  • Nanosystems, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies (collection)
  • Surface(collection)
  • Scientific reports of Dragomanov NPU(collection)



Supervisor of 10 PhD theses (Phys.&Math.) and 3 PhD theses (Chem.)

Currently supervising 2 PhD students



State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2007)



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