Professor Valentin A. Tertykh


Professor Valentin A. Tertykh



Doctor of Sciences (Chem.),  Professor,

Head of Department of Chemisorption

Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine



E-mail:; tertykh@voliacable.сom

Phone: + 38 (044) 422 9673; +38 (066) 249 5664

Fax: + 38 (044) 424 3567

17 General Naumov Str., Kyiv, 03164, Ukraine



Physical chemistry of surface phenomena and surface chemistry



  • Member of the Scientific Council of Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
  • Member of the Specialized Council D26.210.01 (ISC) and D26.001.03 (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)
  • Member of the Scientific Council on problem "Chemistry and technology of surface modification" 



  • Chemistry, Physics and Technology of Surface (Deputy Editor-in-Chief)
  • Surface



Supervisor of 28 PhD theses in Chemistry



State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology

Winner of the International Scientific and Educational Program for Researchers and Teachers



Member of the Steering Committee of International Conferences on Vacuum Microbalance and Thermoanalytic Techniques



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