Sorption U(VI) ions onto теrmic treatment clays minerals

  • T. I. Denisova Іnstitute for sorption and problems of endoecology NАS of Ukraine
  • V. Yu. Тоbіlко Nаtional technical university of Ukraine «КPІ»
  • L. M. Spasonova Nаtional technical university of Ukraine «КPІ»
  • M. M. Tsybа Іnstitute for sorption and problems of endoecology NАS of Ukraine
  • B. Yu. Коrnіlоvych Іnstitute for sorption and problems of endoecology NАS of Ukraine


The peculiarities of the structure formation and porous structure of the initial and granular laminated silicates of kaolinite and montmorillonite have been studied in the process of heat treatment. The parameters of their porous structure, testifying to formation of the developed second porosity at granulation and heat treatment are determined. The decontamination of the waste surface and underground waters from U(VI) compounds for prospect of the possible use of granular kaolinite and montmorillonite was shown.


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