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Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine, being the founder and the publisher of the collection "Surface" hereinafter referred to as "the Institute" represented by its of director M.T. Kartel acting on the basis of the Statute, on the one hand, and the author




(the name and the last name of the author)

hereinafter referred to as "the Author", on the other hand, hereinafter called together “The Parties”, have signed this Agreement about the following:

1. The Author renders to the Institute exclusive rights of property gratis to use the article hereinafter "the Article",



hereinafter "the Article", in any form and by any means, as well as the exclusive right of property to permit or prohibit the use hereof by the third parties, in any form and by any means.

2. Since the moment of signing the Agreement (on conditions that the Article is accepted for publication) the Institute possesses the exclusive right to edit, adapt and modify, to translate into any language, to reproduce and publish, as well as to distribute the Article in unrestricted edition the Article in any form and format at any media and in any way.

3. This assignment of Author’s right would be realized during the full term of the copyright validity of the Article and would be valid on the territory of all the countries of the world.

4. The Institute accrues the right to transmit and license freely the rights got according to this Agreement to the other institutions and persons.

5. All the copies of the Article, both the paper and electronic, should contain the information about the copyright of the Institute and the full bibliographic reference to the Article.

6. In the case if the manuscript of the article is not accepted by the Institute for publication within eighteen months (about what the Author will be informed in written form) or it is recalled by the Author before the article is accepted "to be printed" this Agreement looses its force and is canceled and at that the copyright is returned to the Author.

7. The Institute confirms the reservation for the Author of the following rights:

- the patent rights, rights of commercial description and the right of any processes, substances, materials and methods described in the Article;

- the rights of making different copies, including electronic ones, for his own use or personal use by the colleagues of the Author on conditions that the copies of the Article will not be used for sale, for systemic distribution by means of mass delivery by electronic mail as well as it will not be located at a public server;

- the right of the subsequent use of the whole Article or its parts in reviews, dissertations, books, lectures.

8. The Author guarantees that the given Article has not been published earlier and will not be published wherever before its publication by the Institute and that its copyright has not been rendered to other publishers.

9. The Author guarantees that the given Article is an original work of the Author and is not a copy of any other work. The Author guarantees that he has obtained all the necessary permissions to use in his Article the materials protected with the copyright.

10. The Author guarantees that the utilization by the Institute of the copyright which is gained as the result of this Agreement will not entail the infringement of the copyright of some other persons and organizations and will not divulge secret or confidential information, as well as the given Article is not an in-house document, i.e., it is not created in the course of official duties of the Author or official assignment given by the employer.

11. The action of this Agreement unregulated in every respect by this Agreement, is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

12. All amendments, annexes, acts are drawn up in writing by the Parties and signed by authorized representatives of the Parties.

13This Agreement has been executed in two copies, in English or in Ukrainian or in Russian languages, which are authentic, one copy for each of the Parties. In case of any disputes a preference is given to Russian variant.

14. Legal addresses, banking information and signatures of the Parties:

(the name and the last name of the author, signature)



Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine



17 General Naumov Street, Kyiv 03164, Ukraine



Director of the Institute




MykolaT. Kartel


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