Interfacial phenomena at a surface of individual and complex fumed nanooxides

  • V. M. Gun'ko Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
  • V. V. Turov Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
  • O. V. Goncharuk Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
  • E. M. Pakhlov Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
  • O. K. Matkovsky Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NAS of Ukraine
Keywords: Nanosilica, Complex nanooxides, Interfacial phenomena, Adsorption, Evaporation, Confined space effects


The aim of this review paper was to analyze investigation results on interfacial and temperature behaviors of nonpolar and polar adsorbates interacting with individual and complex fumed metal or metalloid oxides (FMO), initial and subjected to various treatments or chemical functionalization and compared to such porous adsorbents as silica gels, precipitated silica, mesoporous ordered silicas, and polymeric composites. Note that the particulate morphology of FMO depends strongly not only the flame reaction conditions but also on the types and amounts of reagents, as well their distribution in the flame. Therefore, complex nanooxides can include core-shell nanoparticles, (CSNP) of 50-200 nm in size with titania or alumina cores and silica or alumina shells in contrast to simple and smaller nanoparticles of individual FMO. CSNP could be destroyed under high-pressure cryogelation (HPCG) or mechanochemical activation (MCA). These treatments as well simple hydrocompaction (controlled wetting-drying) affect the structure of aggregates of nanoparticles and agglomerates of aggregates, resulting in their becoming more compacted. The analysis shows that complex FMO could be more sensitive to external actions than simple nanooxides such as fumed silica. Any treatment of ‘soft’ FMO affects the interfacial and temperature behaviors of polar and nonpolar adsorbates. Rearrangement of secondary particles and surface functionalization affect the freezing-melting point depression of adsorbates. For some adsorbates, open hysteresis loops became readily apparent in adsorption-desorption isotherms. Clustering of adsorbates bound in pores causes reduced changes in enthalpy during phase transitions (freezing, fusion). Freezing point depression and melting point elevation cause significant hysteresis freezing-melting effects for adsorbates bound to initial and treated FMO in textural pores (voids between nanoparticles in secondary structures). Relaxation phenomena for both low- and high-molecular weight adsorbates or of filled polymeric composites are affected by the morphology of primary particles, structural organization of secondary particles of differently treated or functionalized FMO, content of adsorbates, co-adsorption order, and temperature.


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